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Paracord Color Chart

Shown below are the many colors of paracord we currently stock. We add to this page frequently and if you do not see a color you would like, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.

If you browse our products using the category menu on the left of this page, you can see examples of many colors on real paracord bracelets and other items. When viewing an item, click on the image to see a larger view. Many items have multiple pictures you can browse through to see even more examples of how these colors are used in Paracord Power paracord braclets, lanyards, key chains and other items.

Paracord Color Notes
We make every effort to ensure the accuracy and consistency of our colors. Almost all colors/patterns of our paracord comes from one manufacturer, made here in the USA. We have a couple colors/patterns our primary vendor does not make and we source from elsewhere, but as our primary vendor adds colors can assure you we will continue to source every color/pattern we can from them to ensure consistent quality and feel. The list below clarifies some of the colors we use and how we have them labeled versus what you may see them labeled as on other websites. Some colors/patterns have a sheen (shine) to them while others do not.

Purple (Bright) - This is known on other websites as "Acid Purple".  Many sports teams use purple that is closer to this color because it has a sheen and is a VERY bright purple.

Orange (Neon) - If you are looking for a bright orange or something close to "blaze orange" like you would see on a hunter's vest, choose neon orange. Unfortunately, some websites have this color incorrectly labeled as "International Orange", which you will read about next.

Orange - Other websites may have this labeled as "International Orange" and is a slightly dull shade compared to neon orange, but it does have a sheen to it.

Orange (Burnt) - Commonly known as "Solar Orange" paracord, our Burnt Orange is used in many team colors such as the Texas Longhorns.

Red - This red is sometimes incorrectly called "Scarlet Red" on some websites; however, it is really a very plain red with no sheen to it.

Red (Scarlet) - Our vendor calls this "Imperial Red" but we feel it is definitely closer to "Scarlet Red". This cord has a very nice sheen to it and is a shade or two darker than the red above. Imperial Red from most vendors is NOT a darker red but instead is a regular red with a sheen to it. Our "Scarlet Red" is a deeper color than regular red.

Blue (Navy) - Other websites call this "Midnight Blue" and there is another "Navy Blue" that is a bit more dull than this cord. We prefer not to use the regular "Navy Blue" and choose instead to use "Midnight Blue" because it is much darker and closer to the Navy Blue sports teams tend to use in their uniforms.