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NFL Color Chart

Here is a list of the colors we use for each NFL football team.  When custom building a bracelet, we recommend using the First Color and Second Color, and if you wish to add a third color on some bracelets that allow the option, we have provided a suggestion for each team.  The Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets generally only have two colors so for a third color for those teams, such as on our PowerLine Series of bracelets, we recommend using the same as the Second Color you choose, so the loops along the sides and the stripe in the middle are the same color.

Team First Color Second Color Third Color option
Arizona Cardinals Red (Scarlet) White Black
Atlanta Falcons Black  Red (Scarlet) White
Baltimore Ravens Purple Black Gold (Metallic)
Buffalo Bills Red  Royal Blue White
Carolina Panthers Black  Blue (Sky) Silver
Chicago Bears Orange Blue (Navy) White
Cincinnati Bengals Black Orange (Neon) White
Cleveland Browns Orange Brown White
Dallas Cowboys Blue (Navy) Silver White
Denver Broncos Orange Blue (Navy) White
Detroit Lions Silver Blue (Sky) White
Green Bay Packers Gold (Old) Green (Hunter) White
Houston Texans Red (Scarlet) Blue (Navy) White
Indianapolis Colts Blue (Royal) White None
Jacksonville Jaguars Black Teal Gold (Metallic)
Kansas City Chiefs Red Gold (Old) White
Miami Dolphins Turquoise Orange White
Minnesota Vikings Purple (Bright) Gold (Old) White
New England Patriots Red Blue (Navy) Silver
New Orleans Saints Black Gold (Metallic) White
New York Giants Red Blue (Royal) White
New York Jets White Green (Hunter) None
Oakland Raiders Black Silver White
Philadelphia Eagles Black Green (Hunter) Silver
Pittsburgh Steelers Black Gold (Old) White
San Diego Chargers Blue (Navy) Gold (Old) White
San Francisco 49ers Red Gold (Metallic) White
Seattle Seahawks Blue (Navy) Green (Neon) Silver
St. Louis Rams Blue (Navy) Gold (Metallic) White
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Red Grey (Charcoal) White
Tennessee Titans Blue (Navy) Blue (Baby) White
Washington Redskins Maroon Gold (Old) White